What Inspired You to Play Uke?

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  2. 7 years ago

    My work is strongly stress. I working as a manager. And I found that I really need some thing good to play - like guitar, flute or something else. I asked my friend - he's a guitarist - he always carring a heavy guitar ( acoustic or electric) and I dont want something like that. I searching for something small -easy to learn - easy to play - and look funny
    He carrying me to music store. And I searching for a Ukulele. It's confused alot when I look up a guitar as the same price - it's amazing. My ukulele is Paxphil - 60$ (as 1.200.000 vnd) -as that price I could find a good guitar to play. But this uku is so funny, i mean her size and her voice So ...that ! I'm now a victim of Ukulele

  3. Well I've been playing the guitar for quite a while. But Sometimes my fingers are too small for some chords. Then I watched a video by Emblem 3, it's called Indigo. I saw drew playing the ukulele. It sounded good and it looks fun to play. So on Christmas I asked my sister to buy me one. Now I'm enjoying playing it. It's really fun. When I get the hang of it, I might buy a new ukulele. But that won't be anytime soon though.

  4. Jack Johnson. He's my favorite music artist and has pretty much inspired me to write some of the music that I've made. Long story short I heard the song "Breakdown" and wondered what instrument he used... sure enough it was a ukulele and I just had to get one =P

    Love some of the other stories on here though! Using a ukulele to help get away from a stressful job I never took to mind on how much it relaxes oneself while playing until I read that.

  5. I've played piano off and on for forty years, messed with a friends guitar and always thought about playing a guitar. Then on you tube heard a rendition of " I'm yours" on the uke and had to go to the store and check them out. I play this thing every day and watch you tube videos on techniques, vamps, chord progressions etc. I've had it since Christmas and take it wherever I go ( can't do that with my baby grand)! that's my story!!

  6. I've always had an interest in playing ukulele since about my junior year of high school. My boyfriend knew that I wanted one but he thought I wouldn't be a serious player and abandon it after a short time. He surprised me by giving me a really high quality concert uke for my birthday back in November, and now he's jealous because I spend more time playing it than I spend time with him!

  7. Nice
    In Vietnam, 80% student (male) know about guitar and 40% know how to play guitar. We love stringed instrument like guitar. If you make a research, you can find out that we love guitar alot. Guys know how to open a girl's heart with a guitar ^^!

  8. We go to the Philly Folk Fest every year. Many campsites have jams all throughout the night. Our campsite "Camp Woody" didn't have many people in it that played instruments, and I wanted to be able to "entertain" the camp with some sing alongs around the firepit. Uke seemed small enough to transport, heard there were a lot of 3 chord songs, so went for it. 1 year and a half later, I am now on my 4th uke, discovered that I can sing, and am now writing songs. Someone once referred to my ukulele as my "gateway instrument." Absolutely true!

  9. Frank Woodley in the Lano and Woodley stage performance of The Island!! Near the start Frank picks up a ukulele and plays the Island 'theme' song and I knew from that moment I wanted to learn.

  10. It brought back a sense of culture to me, being millions of miles from Guam just makes it feel a bit closer.

  11. This video, actually.

  12. I was wondering one day about what is the best instrument to play absolutely anywhere. I already knew how to play the guitar, but the guitar was too huge.

    But then one day I started to listen to Tiny Tim and after I heard his songs I felt the need to play them. And that's how I started to play the ukulele.

  13. I one day was listening to be ok by Ingrid Michaelson and i heard the uke and got addicted to the sound.

  14. Christofer Drew, I listened to his music long before ordering my Lanikai Soprano Uke. I was drawn to his Ukulele songs because of the joy they gave me, then i thought maybe ill have more joy playing them, so i placed an order and a few weeks later it arrived, i opened it quickly but cautiously. being a noob to instruments I didn't know a thing about what i was getting into. I took my iPod touch 2g and searched for good Uke apps, I found that the most useful app was Uke Tabs. But it wasnt a year until id become a member of the desktop site and im glad i did it, I now get to hear inspiring stories and post my own experiences to help someone else out. But now im more inspired by Jake Shimabukuro, and James Hill.

  15. I started playing ukulele two days ago but I've been trying to get one for the longest time ever since I saw a Banjolele on T.V. so I asked for one for christmas and I now have a recording king banjolele.

    Best christmas present ever

  16. I made a trip to rarotonga (cook islands) and i saw all these people playing the uke. But they all had ukes made out of coconuts It was so cool.
    So back in germany i bought my first ukulele and started to play. But everytime I play I have to think about the coconut ukes and now i want one!!
    I think I have to go back to the cooks and buy one

  17. I think the guitar is overrated....plus four strings are so much easier to manage! plus ingrid, obviously!

  18. Well I was at summer camp and I heard this amazzzinnnnggg cover of Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the ukulele and the next day I chose that for my activity. I've always been very musical (guitar, piano, flute, singing, etc) and I could play most of the chords in two days. So I picked up some music and played a couple songs. Now it's been a year and a half and I can play Scar Tissue just like I saw it done at summer camp

  19. I always knew I wanted to play a string instrument. And at this time I was playing piano and flute. I figured, why not go off coarse and play something different. So Christmas of 2012, I got a uke and named her Penelope. Now my stage name whenever I perform publicly at events or parties, I am called "Playing Penelope". I sound like I've been playing for a very long time, when honestly. I've only had her for not even a month.

  20. I started to think about playing when I saw my first Eddie Vedder solo show 4 or 5 years ago. I finally committed to it when my piano playing 9 year old daughter told me that I don't know how hard it can be when I was encouraging her to practice a challenging tune again. I realized that it was time to make a commitment to learning an instrument, if only to help encourage her.

    I've been playing for about 2 weeks now (thank you Mainland Ukes for a beautiful instrument), and I am fully hooked - and have a hesitating command of "Without You" thanks to this site.


  21. I started playing because of a guy.

    Not not a guy I had a crush on, but a friend.

    I was in this audition only singing group for freshmen and sophomores, and we had this huge retreat to learn all our christmas music. During this, there was this talent competition with the upperclassmen singing group and this guy Ryan went up and played "Come Sail Away" on his uke and even though he was kind of bad at it (sorry Ryan) I was enthralled. I had always thought ukulele playing was for the Hawaiians and their hula babes, but seeing him do it was so cool to me. I wanted to play too!

    So I begged my mom for weeks until finally, one showed up under the tree and it was the best gift I had ever gotten! It's been 2 years now and those have been the best ukulele playing years of my life! posting.php?mode=reply&f=11&t=196#

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