Uke talk!

  1. last year

    Which picture do you guys think looks good?

  2. DD26113E-56B8-4A01-AD14-C0E3686EC566.jpegADE41CA2-8B07-4CE0-876A-EA7814AF173A.jpeg0668FE0F-DDF4-4327-842B-E4A8405C8C10.jpeg9325D148-BBD9-41AE-8EB4-DFCB2F10AAE8.jpeg3DFF438E-6F61-4BEF-ADF4-3F585A96C0E8.jpeg

  3. And I need ideas on songwriting whoever I pick that has the best idea I will follow them or be friends with them.(please don’t have any ideas with bad words )Thanks.

  4. And I will also follow or be friends with you if you guys recommend me in your comments in other forms

  5. And anybody that has zoom that app say pie

  6. And also guys Any questions you have on ukuleles ask here.Say anything you’d like here

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