How do I remove the automatic scroll so I can see the tabs?

  1. last year

    Don't know how to remove (temporarily) the automatic scroll. It covers up the tabs. Please help with directions.

  2. JaxX

    25 Apr 2019 Moderator

    you mean you'd like the option to show/hide it like for chord charts?

  3. I am not sure.. So far I really can't use the tabs on the page because that Automatic Scroll image appears right over part of the text. I tried choosing '0' thereby hoping it woud disappear, and of course the text would not scroll. But nothing changed.. the image still remained to hide part of the tablature text for the song.

  4. Edited last year by Lokdon

    I have been having this problem as well. It doesn't matter if I'm manually scrolling or not, the "helpful" tab-chart pops down and covers all of the words at the top that I'm trying to see and I can't find any settings that would allow me to turn this off because I don't need it. I know all of my chords.

    Note: I am having this problem specifically on the desktop version. I can find all of the settings just fine on the mobile version. But I need my phone to record so there's the problem.

    Edit: I switched from chrome to firefox and it still didn't work but then I switched to Microsoft edge and when I pressed the arrow to make the charts go away it did and didn't come back when I started to scroll down again. It did come back when I went back to the top but I was finished with the song so that didn't matter.

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