Best Beginner ukulele by far!

  1. last year

    Hello. I've noticed many people looking for good beginner ukulele models that sound decent and fit their budget. I recently got the Glarry Watermelon Ukulele, and it is amazing! Not only is it super cheap, (only $20!) but it also plays amazing. Not to mention, it has the cutest design and it is so beautiful and well made. It is made of Basswood, and has silky nylon strings. The watermelon design has a unique shaped ukulele body, which gives it a nice, mellow sound. It is also painted really well and I haven't noticed any chipping on the edges. It only took me 5 days to receive the ukulele (plus, there's free shipping!). Plus, the company has amazing customer service and they always reply really quickly. This isn't the only cheap instrument on their website. They sell everything from violins, to guitars, to even melodicas for extremely cheap! They also have many more ukulele designs and sizes on their website. I would highly recommend this brand in general to anyone looking to start playing the ukulele,(or even any other instrument) because it is a really good price for the quality of it.

    The ukulele I got:

  2. Nice ukulele! It looks like a fresh watermelon.
    Thanks for your suggestion.

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