Print button?

  1. last year

    I haven't logged on for a spell. Whoa - the ads are brutal, btw. Where did the damned print button go?

  2. UT

    6 Mar 2019 Administrator

    We got rid of this option a few months ago, there's no official printer-friendly version anymore (it's copyrights-related). You will have to use your browser's built-in option instead. It should work fine.

    About the ads, we've been testing a few things, it's really temporary. We're progressively reducing their number. Sorry about that.

  3. They're pretty much useless printed out of the browser. Page breaks are inevitably in the wrong place and you get ads and all.

  4. UT

    7 Mar 2019 Administrator

    page breaks were not set in previous version, this is not something new. For some reason there's a huge blank space after the chord list, but this is definitely something we can tweak. Same thing with this ad. In case you did not notice what you print is different from what's on your screen, and this is not just because you're lucky ;)
    We need to fine-tune our "print" media query, we'll update this thread when it's done. thx for your feedback.

  5. Deleted last year by JaxX
  6. I had the same response as Bk. Thank you UT admins for working on this!

    one related note: I was just trying to print a tab (Clamp Down by The Clash 10 chord version). the issue is the text of the tab doesn't fit in the tab window on the page making it necessary to scroll right to see the whole tab. This same problem happens when printing. unfortunately I can't scroll on any paper that I own ;) I did try resizing the text, which works for reading the tab on the site, but as the admin on this thread pointed out: what's on the screen isn't what prints...

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  8. Without being able to print from this site it is rather useless to me, there are other sites that are easier to navigate. Disappointed.

  9. If you have a iOS device Bk393 go on your right Conner there should be a square with a arrow pointing out of it press that then press print button make sure the printer is on the same WIFI network for it to work

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  11. Sorry it’s out of order the one that is on the bottom start from there and work your way up

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