Reading chords of a song

  1. last year

    Hey guys,

    Just yesterday I bought myself an ukulele and I‘m trying out with some songs. Everything good so far but I am confused with some chords. For example if I look at there are two chords mentioned above one word. I don’t get what that means. Is it the possibility to choose between these two chords?

    Thanks for helping!

  2. JaxX

    25 Feb 2019 Moderator

    2 chords mentioned? Can you send a screenshot? I don't see any.
    If you're talking about the tooltip displayed on rollover a chord name it's just a shortcut to quickly see the chord.

  3. I looked at your example. That is a formatting nightmare that happens when people start tabbing don't watch out for the parameters of space on the tab. The C doubled up under the G when it wasn't supposed to do that. The Chords should read G Am Em C not
    G Am Em

    I just checked that tab against the official video. It's in the key of G#. Use the handy dandy transpose chord feature and go up a 1/2 step and learn some new chords while you play along with the video. I hope this helps you.

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