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  1. 10 months ago

    Posting for the first time, don't know how things go. Would have been good to be told upon submission where to view what I just sent in, that it is not available to see until it goes through the pending process however that works and long it takes I still have no idea. After a ton of digging and a now deleted post on the forum I found how to access it (just trying to make sure it went through because I was experiencing some spotty internet connection) but the button that got me there was a button on the menu that simply read "My". There is no help button anywhere, or subheadings on the forums option for bug reports or user support, nor any of the other categories of post. FAQs did not explain where to ask the questions that are apparently frequent.
    Additionally, on mobile web browser at least, the buttons below seem to show through the menu when it's down making it impossible to read some buttons until the section is highlighted.

    • A "You posted, look at it here ____link____" upon submission
    • Better help access
    • New-user manual of some kind
    • Menu error "My"
    • Menu transparency
  2. UT

    19 Nov 2018 Administrator

    Hi @ValonDitties, thanks for your feedback.
    We improved the mobile menu, it should be better now. We also added a link to your tab after you submitted one.

    We need to improve the FAQ, I agree. But it does not make much sense now that we're revamping the site.
    About how validation works (
    To guarantee a minimum of accuracy, every submitted uke tab needs to get at least 3 votes for / against before being published or rejected. Until this, tab is 'pending' (approval).
    Once a tab got 3 votes for or against, its author (tabber) will receive a PM so that he/she knows what's the result. Tab is then put online or deleted from the archive. Note that
    a tab won't be pending if we don't have any version for this song yet.

    Menu transparency

    Can you elaborate please?


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