1. last year

    Every tab I click shows X’s over half of the lyrics. I thought it was restricted because I wasnt signed in but I made an account and I still can’t see the lyrics?

  2. UT

    19 Oct 2018 Administrator

    From where (country) do you access the site please?

  3. I'm having the same issue, accessing from Texas (United States).

  4. @UT From where (country) do you access the site please?


  5. JaxX

    22 Oct 2018 Moderator

    Unless I'm wrong it's not blocked in Canada.

  6. its shouldnt be blocked in germany also ... but it is ... :/

  7. Same in france, can't print it because of the xxxxx....

  8. I'm having the same problems with they lyrics being X'd out in the printable version. Trying to print from Skagway, Alaska.

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