Submitted tab unaccessible to others

  1. 6 months ago

    Hello. I have a trouble with two submissions of mine. I submitted "Caribbean Blue" by Enya and "Life is a long song" by Jethro Tull and both of them still have that yellow circle instead of green mark in the list of my submissions and they won's show up when I look them up via the search bar, so nobody can access them, except me, I guess. (see the picture attached)
    Is it because of copyright claims? Or is it just a bug?

    PS: the duplicate "Nel cor piu non mi sento" is my fault, i already asked to delete the wrong one - my first submission didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked

  2. 4 months ago


    Sep 26 Administrator

    Hey @justbekame, sorry for the late answer.
    This happens because your tab is pending validation, please read:

    That being said, there's no reason why pending tabs are not available using the search. Thx for reporting this.

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