How to save tabs for use off-line??

  1. last year

    Hi there, I am trying to use the app but want to save the tabs for use offline. I’ve tried saving songs as ‘saved’, favorited and into a songbook and no matter what I do when I go to the ‘saved’ tab nothing is there. I know it’s a bit of a primitive app but serously?? How on earth do you download tabs so you can use them off-line? Thanks!

  2. I think the tabs on mobile cannot really be exported as a file, though my app version is old. On desktop you can save as a pdf. What I used to do was hit print, and the print settings can let you save a copy of the page you print as a pdf. As far as I know that should work. Best of luck.

  3. UT

    26 Sep 2018 Administrator

    rohh, our app is not primitive... or is it? :P Good news if you're an Android user: an brand new version (revamped from scratch) is about to be released. It will rock the casbah this time ;)

    Anyway, saving a tab to your songbook is what you do to make them available for offline viewing.
    Are you using our Android or iOS version? Also, are you logged in or not?

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