Having to Tune a Lot

  1. 7 years ago

    I got my beautiful Lanakai CK-S in the mail yesterday. I spent a couple hours learning 5 chords and ta-da! I can play Hallelujah! I was excited to be able to play a song besides "Hot Cross Buns" for my girlfriend when she came home from work. Heh. Anyway, I have the good strings on my uke, Aquila. I still had to tune and re-tune my uke all day. Is this just something that happens in the beginning or is this a sign that my pretty ukulele isn't as wonderful as I think it is? I'd love any input.

  2. Unless its bottom of the range and have crappy machine heads...
    And Not being an expert, however, You will probably have to retune quite a bit until the Strings settle in..
    Generally 2 -3 days?? but there are far more talented people on here that will explain better..
    You should always tune before you play no matter how old your strings are as there are a lot of factors that can make a stringed instrument go out of tune anyway.. hope this helps


  3. Cobblers is right. With any new Uke the strings take a few days to adjust to being stretched. You may want to look into upgrading your strings too since usually what ships with your uke are cheapies. Being that you got a Lanikai the machine heads are probably a good quality so just give it a few days and keep tuning it and eventually it will balance out.

  4. [deleted]

    8 Aug 2012

    "massahwahl" You may want to look into upgrading your strings too since usually what ships with your uke are cheapies.

    It are Aquila's...
    There fine, just let them stretch and you will be fine.

  5. Aquila are my favorite strings, and yes they need to stretch for a little while. What I like to do is when I get them restrung, I tune them as close to perfect as I can before they start going flat, and then twist the tuning pegs an extra turn. Repeat this step for about two or three days, and Walla! You almost never need to constantly retune it again.

  6. Thank you everyone! I've been following the advice given and already I'm not having to tune as much. I'm glad to have such nice ukers to learn from!

  7. Aquila's just take a little longer to get used to a new position. Since most ukes dont come tuned, when they're first tuned, the strings resist. This lasts about a week max I should say. My Aquila's are finally stretched out how I want them, and I haven't touched a tuner in about a week and a half

  8. I have aquilas on all three ukes I own.

    I've had occasion to do a little work on one of my ukes a couple of times. Each time required loosening the strings and then tuning back up after it was done.

    Both times the strings acted like they were new and needed to settle in all over again. But that actually made me feel confident they were still in good shape.

  9. My soprano uke was pretty expensive and it's really nice! But one of the strings just won't stay in tune! I've had it for maybe 6 months or something along the lines of that. Maybe I should get it looked at....?

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