Any uke players here with eating disorders?

  1. 2 years ago

    I started playing to distract myself when I first started treatment :) Do you find playing ukulele to ease your ed/ bad thoughts about yourself? :) Also, what songs ease your feelings around your recovery/ your ed in general?

  2. I started playing ukulele for medical reasons, in particular, to help with memory and focus problems related to inflammation and allergies. I guess in a weird way it has to do with eating because damage to the gut lining is responsible for the development of allergies and autoimmune disorders.

    I don't have bad thoughts about me. I get stressed, anxious and angry with others and situations. Playing the uke helps with that as well as my memory. It is a great coping strategy. I play Roll With The Changes and Time For Me To Fly both by REO Speedwagon, Not Fragile by BTO, Mother Freedom by Bread, LOLA by The Kinks. Tonight I was pretty mad, ate three organic brownies I probably should not have eaten and worked out most of Iron Man by Black Sabbath except for the two lead parts. If it keeps up I think I'm going to work on a half dozen ACDC songs. It's a good way to work out frustrations.

  3. My sister is doing the same to at least relieve her stress from her allergies. She also focuses on playing the ukulele.

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