Logged in but can't see lyrics?

  1. last year

    I'm logged into my account, but for some reason the lyrics still have x's in them as if I wasn't. I've tried logging out and logging back in, turning my laptop off and back on again, and even using other computers/devices, but nothings working. It was working normally on Monday but yesterday night, it randomly started doing this :(

  2. me too

  3. JaxX

    17 May 2018 Moderator

    from where are you accessing the site???

  4. This is the same for me, I've been accessing it from both my phone (safari) and laptop (chrome) but the x's keep showing up when I'm logged in. :(

  5. @JaxX from where are you accessing the site???

    I'm normally accessing it from Google Chrome on my Chromebook, but I've also tried from my Samsung phone on Chrome and the phones default browser (Samsung Internet I think?), and on my desktop on both Firefox and Chrome. If you mean location, then Arizona, United States. Again, this was working just a few days ago

  6. I’m having this same issue. I initially thought it was because I wadnt signed in, but I can’t see the full lyrics of any tab no matter what.

  7. I'm having this issue too. Not sure why...

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