cavetown fans? question mark?

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  2. last year

    My favorite is "Talk to Me" !!

  3. i love both of those songs <3 glad to find some fellow fans

  4. i think devil town v2 or hug all your friends are my favorites,, but honestly all his songs are so lovely and nice :)

  5. I've been really enjoying rocket ships but i also love Green

  6. tbh my favourite is lemon boy, its really popular but still amazing!

  7. i lov all his songs but banana bread is lovly! <3

  8. lemon boy is my current favorite :,)

  9. I love 888, 10 Feet Tall and Pigeon

  10. I love all of his music and he’s just so inspiring <333 I learned how to play guitar because of him

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    Hiiii, I love fool, I posted a cover on my YouTube, viridity! It’s crappy but I’m proud of it lol. I also like green

  12. mine is Lemon Boy

  13. Aww yeah I love 'em! My favorite is "this is home". I know it's cliche, but it's very simple and it was the first song I ever listened of him. It just has a lot is memories

  14. Heyo,, I love all their songs but I think "meteor shower" or "I promise I'm trying" are up there as my favorites.

  15. 888 or this is home for me

  16. Definitely a huge fan of Ghost Boys, it was the first song I heard that got me into Cavetown!! It's had a special place for me ever since

  17. Best Friend

  18. 11 months ago

    ah, probably irrational or something else from 16/04/16
    I just love all his music though
    i can't find any good tabs for anything on 16/04/16 so if you guys are up to making some i'd really appreciate it :)

  19. 7 months ago

    A little of it is catchy. I like his video concept but it is depressing.

  20. 5 weeks ago

    This is home; first song I heard by him. Been following ever since. Another good one is Pigeon

  21. last week

    i love meteor shower and devil town !!

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