What strings for two antique ukuleles?

  1. 8 months ago
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    I just purchased these two ukuleles. On left is a Style E or 5 Jonah Kumalae on right is a Kamaka Gold Lable. Waiting for the postal person to deliver them now. The Kamaka has to have the back reattached, so it will be a few days after I get it before I can string it up. The Kumalae has what looks like cracks on the belly, don't know what the back looks like yet.

    At any rate I want to put strings on the Kumalae that is worthy of its age and sound, I don't know what a good quality all Koa ukulele is supposed to sound like, at this point. And I want to get suitable strings for the Kamaka as well.

    What would the experts recommend for strings for both? I have a small stash of Aquila Lava, a set of Martin Clear Fluorocarbon and a set of Aquila New Nylgut. And I have no problem with ordering a couple of sets of whatever would be the BEST strings for these two ukuleles.

    Any suggestons out there?

  2. I'd say just order personalized Aquila strings, for antique instruments, if not, either Lava or New nylgut, although, i'd say Lava would be better as they are made of Super Nylgut but it's up to personal preference.

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