Which Ukulele of yours is your favorite?

  1. 2 years ago

    Just wanting to see which ukulele's people like :)

  2. I really like my Ohana sk 28, it sound really warm and looks like a charm :-)

  3. They are all favorites. I have different reasons why I love each one. I know that doesn't help you.

  4. I am a builder so I tend to build ukes that I would like. I am trying to get geared up to build a les paul archtop uke with white binding. Need to buy some tools first though.....

  5. i rlly love my 6 string tenor ukulele from kala
    beautiful sound

  6. Mine is Lanikai. Lanikai LU-21.

  7. I gotta say my Les Paul style electric ukulele

  8. Hola! ukulele

  9. I only had 2 ukuleles of my own so far but I had the chance to try a lot and my favorite so far is one I currently use : the Anuenue Super Lani Concert

  10. But well it's kind of expensive but I had it during sale and had it for nothing ! (usually around 500$ and got it for 250$)

  11. My Fender Hau'oli is my favourite uke. When I first began playing ukulele I looked different ukes on internet and found Hau'oli. I liked it and decided one day I'll buy it. I was a poor student, but after I got my first job on my field I saved money to buy it.

  12. My good old Cordoba 15CM is my fav. That might change tho.

  13. I would have to say my Koloa KU-340. It is a tenor, in mahogany. It sounds like a little guitar and less like a toy. It has a crisp, comforting sound. It hypnotizes me every time I strum it. I really like the sound of it.
    I also own three other sopranos...a Koloa KU-10, a Sunlite, and a Braddah Uke.

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