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  1. last year

    my cousins both have Ukuleles, and so my mom got a cheap little Kala. she learned how to play but forgot, until I picked it up after my best friends started playing. My grandparents, two weeks after I started, bought me a Hola! Consort. I'm really happy with my consort, and playing mom's Kala is fine, i just want more. i want to own more ukes. The problem is price. i also would like to get one that's not just wood colored, you know? I already have two of those. I want a cool ukulele. I look at ukes on Amazon a lot and see ones with The Wave on them, or rainbows and fairies. I don't really want the ones with rainbows or fairies, and The Wave is much too expensive. I've seen some for 29 dollars, but i can't seem to find them again, or they're just not what I want. i really liked the Honsing brand but they're too expensive. I don't have a ton of money yet because i don't have a job because i'm a Freshman and i live in the middle of nowhere and i don't have a car because i don't have a ton of money. anyway, please find me some beautiful, cheap, good sounding ukes. please. thank you.

    Cool color or design
    still plays well

  2. i do not want a plastic uke. i don't need any of the extra things that come with it, tuner, picks, etc. a bag to carry it in would be nice but not necessary.
    i'd be okay with any type of uke, soprano, consort, baritone, tenor, whatever.

  3. My advice to you would be simply to find a way to earn money and save up enough for one of the "expensive" ukes. If you want a good quality ukulele with designs on it, its going to be expensive. You get what you pay for, so you shouldn't expect a good quality ukulele for any less than $70. You could, if your artistic however, decorate your current ukuleles for cheap with some paints, stickers, etc. I have a decent soprano Carlo Robelli uke, and hes covered in really cool vintage stickers + I've made the marks on the frets into stars :) be creative

  4. i just wouldn't trust myself to put anything on my baby, you know? i did find one that was pretty cool for $23 but it was plastic, and i also found some wood ones for even cheaper.
    my parents would also rather wait until i have enough money to get one that plugs into the speakers for worship at church or school performances but the cheapest ones are still $99.99 and i do not have that kind of money.
    i probably will take your advice on waiting since that's also what my parents want me to do. i'm very thankful and happy with the ukuleles i've got, i just like playing different ones and having favorites and having ones that sound different or look cooler.

  5. There are contests to win ukuleles. I have won two so far. One here on this website when they used to have tab contests and the other one I won was at a ukulele festival I went to. A local music store ten miles from me has a contest to win one right now.

  6. visit a music store near your area... you can check the actual uke if it's what fits what you want and also sometimes they put some items on sale... wait for it, you may find a good catch

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