Picture of you joe brown

  1. 2 years ago

    Can anyone help me with the intro riff of joe browns ‘a picture of you, thanks

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  3. Edited 2 years ago by rolandfrye

    Michael Maloney, if I’m this of the same kick ass song as you, it’s original in the key of G
    The beginning riff would be open G chord minus the open g string.
    Keep the G chord shape on the second fret slide up to the F# one the first fret, back to the second fret, G# on the third fret and then to the A chord on the 4th fret
    Keep the G chord shape and slide to fret 1 back to fret 2, fret 3 and end on 4
    G G G G (232) F# (121) G G# (343) A (454) - end the riff on the open A (2100)
    Hope this helps

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