Best songs to play on uke?

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  2. 8 years ago

    Being that you posted in the Beginner Area, i'm going to say some beginner songs.

    I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
    Hey, Soul Sister - Train

    These ones are just four basic chords, look the chords/tabs up on the website

  3. thongar

    10 Aug 2012 Moderator

    This song is really fun to play on the ukulele.

    It's taken me awhile to learn though!

    Another song I like on the ukulele is "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid. The ukulele really brings out the bright, happy sound to it.

    It all depends on what you prefer/listen to though.

  4. "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" and "Can't Help Falling In Love With You"

  5. Not very many people know this one (unless you are a fan of charlieissocoollike), but I played Melody for Melody by Charlie McDonnell. It was challenging...BUT that's the way I wanted it. It is my go-to song! I think if you are looking for a song to begin with, pick one that you think will stick with you for a long time. Then you can play it better than other songs and go back to it whenever you feel like it. BUT it's not up to me.
    Good luck finding your song!

  6. Wild World - Cat Stevens

    Santeria - Sublime

    What's up - 4 non-blonds

  7. I think any finger picking song is always a good song to play on the uke.

  8. Things like Chimbley Sweep and Bandit Queen by the Decemberists are pretty fun!

  9. Blow Up the Outside World by Soundgarden
    When I See You Smile by Bad English
    Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against

    Those are some of my favorites that translated right over to ukulele well. I think I covered 3 different decades of music there too.

  10. I love playing Falling by The Civil Wars.

  11. Best song (my) is hmmm... (I THINK)
    Oh I have !!! Baby, I'm yours by Arctic Monkeys! And Smells like teen Spirit by Nirvana, AC/DC Thunnderstruck and Come as You are (Nirvana), maybe Enter Sandman and Tell me Where did You sleep Last night
    I Greet!

  12. First song i learned was I'll Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab For Cutie but i really like playing It Will Rain by Bruno Mars recently

  13. 7 years ago

    Best songs to play on uke, well for starters just play Lateeya songs, if you are into songs with 5 or more chords I prefer you play Aj Rafael songs, Passion songs or some other artist that uses a lot of chords. Although if you are a picking player then play Eric Clapton songs, and Jack Johnson songs.

  14. I bought 3 books on the internet quite cheaply;

    AC/DC for ukulele
    Best of Black sabbath for ukulele
    Best of Metallica for ukulele

    Hours of fun. The last two books are very well transcribed and will keep me going for months. Sound great too.

  15. Red Hot Chili Peppers (Pretty Little Ditty; Californication; Otherside; Under the Bridge)
    Johnny Cash
    Bob Marley (I Shot the Sheriff is so fun!!!!)
    Jack Johnson
    Death Cab for Cutie

    ...the list goes on

  16. I like the sounds I can make, and since I can't sing I have to depend on the Uke. So I am working on pick/strum patterns for different songs that I also enjoy. I have a collection of over 500 songs on cd's, and another 3,000 or so now on the computers. Favorites are songs like, 'Dust in the Wind', 'Hotel California', 'The Unicorn Song', 'City of New Orleans', 'For the Good Times','One too Many Mornings', and most older blues songs and train songs.

  17. A very actual song that I really like jamming on ukulele is Moving On from Paramore. Is very easy, the beat is very cool to do!

  18. "richooo" Elephant Gun-Beirut

    best song ever. do you use the 3rd and 4rth string twice then 1st and 2nd twice strumming pattern to play it?

  19. 6 years ago

    I actually really like playing "surprising" covers on the ukulele. I take chords for hip-hop or hard rock songs and make them sound soft and sweet on the ukulele. For example, Hey Ya by Outkast has a chord progression of G C D E. I play the E major chord as an E minor. It gives the song a whole new feeling.
    I also like playing sad, slow songs on the uke, especially Bon Iver. Michicant was one of the first songs I learned, and it's also one of my favorites.
    Folk songs are great on the ukulele, because they use simple chords, and because the instrument is so simple in itself, it lets you focus on strumming, and adding personal flavor.

  20. My personal favourite is my personal cover of Exterminate Regenerate by Chameleon Circuit. I switched the chords a bit but its so much fun to play and has a whole new sound.

  21. 5 years ago

    The Bill Monroe catalog is great, and made for strings. You can get a couple ukes going and its just like Hawaiian Bluegrass!

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