Android app bugs

  1. last year

    In this tabs someone comment. I think this user comment on russian. I think this is bug. I try to send comment from desktop and it view is Ok, no broken charset. But in first comment charset is broken. I sure user post it from mobile device from android application. I try to post from android app and have same bug with codepage. Also android application show no comments, but comments exist.

    I hope you can fix this two bugs.

  2. Also I see comments count in my profile is 1. It true only for desktop. I really post 1 comment from desktop. But I post another one comment from Android application with same profile. But this comment doesn't counted.

  3. UT

    8 Jan 2018 Administrator

    Hey @dsda ! thanks for your feedback. We're aware of this bug, it will be fixed in the next version of our App (4.0) coming in the next few weeks. For some reason encoding is broken on the app. Making the site compatible with Russian and other languages having special characters has always been a top priority. ;)

  4. Edited last year by Danehardin

    The bugs are a usual problem with the android application. In my mobile IE browser has not been working for few days then I contact to help Internet Explorer 10 support they guide me how to enable to them and now is working.

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