1. last year

    After receiving a temporary password, because the one I have been using forever failed, I can find no way of revising the temporary one to something I can remember. I went to every tab, homepage, profile, etc. what a pain in the ass! Changing a password should be an easy, straightforward process.

  2. UT

    2 Nov 2017 Administrator

    As I said by email, a lot of things will change in the next few months. But for now, you can change your password in your member area (My profile > change password), here is the direct link .

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  6. 10 months ago

    If you interested with it then you will do one thing you just know it properly, so for that you will go to settings and after that you will create any type of pass-code, which is great for all. For further epson error code 0x97 just visit with it.

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