1. 7 years ago

    I've been gigging out with an electric kazoo on my mic stand for over a year now. Anyone else play a kazoo in a somewhat serious manner?

  2. I never even picked one up before. Do you have videos of yourself playing it?

  3. "shugabella" I never even picked one up before. Do you have videos of yourself playing it?

    This is a live video a fan shot of my band playing some dive bar in another state. I use it during a few parts in this song.

    If you check out my band, Something Involving A Monkey, I recorded it in the studio for the song Enis the Muppet Eating Puppet. You can find one of our many band sites using a Google search, or just dot com the band name.

    You should check one out. They are fun little toys!

  4. That is the kazoo at its best!

  5. Wow I loved it! I was honestly dancing in my seat! I was wondering how the kazoo would fit into the song but it fit perfectly! was the cameraman jumping up and down with the music at the end?

  6. HappyTom

    18 Nov 2012 Moderator

    A lot of people do not view the Kazoo as a serious instrument.. just as a joke instrument or a "kids" instrument. I think that is really too bad. I play the Kazoo, I have the plastic kind made by Hohner and also the metal (brass) kind made by Trophy, both of which you can replace the paper "membrane". I swap them for basic wax paper when needed. Some people use other types of paper, but I find wax paper to be the best. You can get a really nice brass / horn sounds from the Kazzo, and the sound is only limited by your voice / mind.

    I also play the hair comb and wax paper. A lot of people do not know that the Kazoo is based off of the traditional hair comb and wax paper that stated out around the 1920's. Check out this old video: Red McKenzie & His Mound City Blue Blowers

  7. 6 years ago

    Here are my Great AsWeGo Kazoo Factory kazoos, on stands, with a kazoo mute:


    On the left is a Performer's FatBoy kazoo, hand made out of Red Cedar and Cherry. On the right is a Dejeri-Zoo kazoo, hand made out of Austalian Pine and Cherry. The mute is Red Cedar and works with both kazoos.

    There are more photos and videos of the making of these kazoos in the Great AsWeGo kazoo thread.

  8. The Performer's FatBoy is designed to fit in a harmonica holder... perfect for busking with an ukulele!

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