Switch strings?

  1. 2 years ago
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    Hello, my name is Cristian.
    After trying one I bought a cheap ukulele,
    But perhaps it was too cheap!
    As you can see probably the string are not in the right order (sorry for calling them 1234, it was just faster)
    I think the string In position 3 should go in position 1 as it is thinner, while strings in position 1 and 2 should go respectively in position 2 and 3.
    Am I right?
    The uke is a Martin Smith... If I start enjoy playing it I'll buy a better one and I'll plant some succulents on this, but I would love to start with this one just to see how much I can enjoy it (I already play guitar).


  2. What size ukulele is it? I'm not a expert but I think it would go 4123 gcea

  3. I just got my uke also and though the same thing. The general consensus I have found is that the thin strings go on the outside and the thick on the inside. strange compared to a guitar but seems to be accurate. it takes a little bit to get used to.

  4. Yes, most ukuleles use "re entrant" tuning.


  5. Going on thickness from the picture I would try switching the number 1 and number 2 strings you have labeled in your picture. However, the way it is might just be perfect for a low G tuning.

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