How to find fingerstyle tabs

  1. 2 years ago

    Hello, just joined. Curious if there is any way to find fingerstyle tabs specifically. Advanced search won't allow a broad search on "tab only (no chords)", and there doesn't seem to be a specific genre definition. Any ideas?

  2. UT

    7 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Hi @johnnydes, welcome to UT!
    Unfortunately it is not possible to filter tabs like that. You can filter by type (what you did) if you select "tab only (no chords)". There's also a specific section for musical genres here, maybe it can help:
    Unfortunately it is not possible (yet!) to search by genre using the advanced search, so you can't mix "tab+genre" criteria to get more results :/

  3. Thanks for the response. FWIW, I had some luck using a google site search:


  4. JaxX

    11 Jul 2017 Moderator

    cool idea! Did you try to use to target tabs instead of the whole site?

    Why don't you add the possibility to tag songs in the next version @UT ? That would be a nice feature.

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