CBG builders?

  1. last year

    Are there any cigar box guitar builders out there? If so, have you built any ukulele's? I have built one and it turned out great. I need to make more, lol.

  2. Not yet. Right now the ukes on my wish list are way beyond my building capabilities. Maybe I should start with a cigar box and work my way up. Did you buy prefab necks or make you own and set your own frets? Did you invest in a lot of luthier tools? Any common pitfalls?

  3. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by FloridaSon

    Just finished my first after having built several CBGs. I used plans from 1917 Popular Mechanics and it was a fun but long project. I used common tools and built my own neck. I glued up 1 1/2" oak (would use different wood next time) for a wider headstock and neck. Started fretless but added frets. Bought fret wire and tuners from Gitty. The plans were interesting as the article said you could use junk metal for frets. That was in a different time than we are in know. Changed the plans from a hardwood nut to an old guitar nut I had. Added real tuners after reading how tuning pegs (in the plans) were hard to set.

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