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  1. 2 years ago

    Hello there! I'm new, both to this site and the ukulele. if any one could give me pointers around the place, that would be great. Also, my hands are very small and I have difficulty reaching E, B, and Bm chords. Does anyone have any tips on reaching them? Thanks!

  2. Hey there! I am also new to this site and not too new to the uke. I'm not sure if I can give you any tips with the chords but I can try. With E maybe try using your pinky to reach the 4th fret string? I don't have many problems with chords since my fingers are long.... Unfortunately, I have no tips for B and Bm ... Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy uke playing!

  3. You can sometimes substitute Bm7 for Bm if it sounds right for the song. B or A# are going to have the same exact problem. Make sure your thumb is on the back of the neck for leverage. Adjust your wrist position and the angle of the neck perhaps both vertically and horizontally. I also angle my index finger over the two top (closest to the floor) strings on the second fret. I find wearing a strap helps steady the instrument for better landings on the fretboard. You can look at chord inversions on Brians Huge Chordlist Collection to help you figure out how you want to play the E. Adjusting finger, wrist, and neck angles might help on that too. You can try some finger stretching exercises also.

    One of the things that helped me a great deal was to find a luthier to lower the action for me. That way you don't have to press so hard. The bridge and nut can both be lowered if the strings are high and hard to play. A good luthier will lower them low enough to play easier but will make sure they are high enough not to cause string buzz. That has made such a big difference for me. It took away a LOT of struggle on the ukes that had high strings. You are probably not going to easily find a person who works on ukuleles so find a well-respected luthier that does it on expensive guitars like Gibson's. Ask around and make sure they have a good reputation. Don't allow just anyone to work on your instrument.

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    E is really tricky, but try to use your index finger for the G string, your middle finger for the A string, and your pinky finger for the C string. For B (and Bb) use your index finger for both the A and E strings, your middle finger for the C string, and your ring finger for the G string. For Bm, use your index finger for the A, E, and C strings, and use your middle finger for the G string. These positions work for me, even though I have trouble getting a clear sound from the A string for the B chords. If this happens to you, don't worry! Chances are you won't even be able to notice if you're strumming. If you're still having trouble, try to transpose the song up or down accordingly so the chords are easier.

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