Viewing Chords As You Play

  1. 2 years ago

    How can I get the chord diagrams to continue to drop down on the page of my device as song progresses?

    Answered by UT

    See post in context

    It has been fixed.

  2. JaxX

    10 May 2017 Moderator

    It used to be the case, but since site has become responsive chords were overlapping ads too, resulting in the design being messed up on mobile devices. It will come back in some months on the new version.

  3. UT

    15 Nov 2017 Administrator Answer

    It has been fixed.

  4. Hi there.

    I was a little thrown off today when I logged on and noticed the Chords following me as I play... I was not used to that.

    I have a smaller laptop screen and for songs that have 2 rows of chords, it takes up a good chunk of screen real estate, leaving less room for the words (which is what I'm looking at when playing).

    Is this something that can be turned on and off based on preference?

    Thanks, and great site! Big fan.

  5. Oh, also, when I get to the point in the page where the chords "stick", there's some interesting reorganization of the page formatting that occurs, and the words kinda shift somehow.

    Unfortunately, when it happens, the chords appears above the words. Oops.

    Thanks again!

  6. UT

    21 Nov 2017 Administrator

    Hey @chamchar, we added the option to show/hide chords on the fly. We also reduced margins so sticky chords take less place.

    We're aware of the shift issue you mentioned, but it's a bit complicated to fix because autos-croller and chords stick together, and chords' container does not always have the same height. It end up in a mess on some browsers when we fix this :/

    (we redeveloped this from scratch for the next version, so we prefer not to focus on this... unless it's really a big issue)

    thanks for your feedback! :)

  7. Edited 2 years ago by ooofest

    While the "follow your scrolling" feature was neat when we were still learning chords, it's admittedly becoming a hassle when switching among tabs. Having to click the "-" for each tab page on a smaller device is not always easy and it tends to get in the way when trying to scan larger portions of the tab.

    My daughter has been picking up soprano ukulele the past month and got so frustrated with the follow-me chords today on her iPhone 6s, she decided to look for a different tabs site altogether!

    Can that perhaps be an option to turn off/on within one's profile, perhaps?

  8. UT

    28 Nov 2017 Administrator

    hey @ooofest , it's fixed (option is not available on small devices anymore, only desktop), thanks for your feedback.

    nb. Option to turn on/off this feature will be available in the next version, like many other new options ;)

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