Choosing the right chords

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi guys!
    Lately i've been trying to write tabs for a song and i'm very satisfied with the first half of the song, but my problem is, i don't know anything about music theory, and that makes it difficult to choose the chords for the rest of the song. Those familliar chords that i know can't be applied anymore. So, must i study music theory? ( which might take months or years), or is there any other ways to learn how to choose suitable chords for a song? Thanks in advance.
    P/S: I'm a newbie here, hope to make friends with everyone :)

  2. Hey, I get this exact question a lot from students. You want to start learning about Major Scale construction, Diatonic Harmony (chords within a key), Inversions and Secondary Dominants (7th chords that are outside of the key)

    There is always your ears but without a understanding of basic theory principles like scale and chord construction and triads it you will hit a wall at some point. I like to show my students the theory choices or options as it applies to the songs they are writing. Totally the best way to learn it.
    Thanks, Jeff

  3. Thanks very much, sure i'm gonna check that out!

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