Any Left Handed Players?

  1. 3 years ago

    What are some weird habits ya'll have picked up on, playing left handed? I learned to play right handed, but I strum backwards (I upstrum more than i downstrum) and I have to tap my picks on top of my thumb instead of holding it!

  2. I'm left handed, left footed, you name it I'm on the left. But with ukulele I strum with my right and press on the fret-board with my left.

  3. wow, I'm right handed,My company sales guitar and ukulele, I saw the left handed guitar,but I never saw and hear the left handed uke,how to play it while it is left handed?

  4. 2 years ago

    I play left-handed with the uke on my lap. I kept the tuning right-handed.

  5. I just play it as right-handed people do. Though I think I hold the pick upside down.

  6. I am left handed and I play this way (left hand strumming, right hand pressing on fretboard).

    No problem. One problem is I can not borrow uke from friend or to borrow uke to friends, because I have strings upward. I play in this style on guitar too.

  7. me im left handed

  8. last year

    My sister is a left-handed person. I'm not.

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