Convert this song to standard tuning?

  1. 7 years ago

    Hello from me:)
    Dont you hate it when you have to change your tuning just for one song? Isnt it possible to play everything in standard tuning? What I want is to play Ryan Gosling (Blue Valentine) – "You Always Hurt the Ones You Love" in STANDART tuning, but i found only the original version which is with different tuning.
    Can someone help me with the standard tuning version chords for this song? And will it sound much different? Thanks! ... ysHurt.pdf

  2. UT

    7 Aug 2012 Administrator

    This tab is tuned 1 step down, like this :
    Standart tuning (GCEA) -> this tuning (FBbDG)

    A to G = 1step down (A -> Gb (-0.5) ->G (-1) )
    E to D = 1step down
    C to Bb = 1step down
    G to F = 1step down

    (reminder: A Bb B C Db D Eb E F Gb G Ab)

    You can either play the chords displayed on the tab (you'll play one step higher than the original tuning) or transpose the chords 1 step down. It's not necessary to transposer the key, as the chord progression will remain the same.

    If you want to, here are the chords to play :
    C -> Bb
    Cmaj7 -> Bbmaj7
    C6 -> Bb6
    F -> Eb
    G7 -> F7
    Fsus2 -> Ebsus2

    This might help : Soprano chord charts .

  3. Thank you very much for the clear answer. This will help a lot for converting other songs too and i can play only in standard tuning.

  4. I wrote a lesson about this, because this very subject was bothering me. I kept finding tabs where people said to tune the ukulele down a half step, when all of the chords could be played in standard tuning on the ukulele just fine. It just involves figuring out the actual chord being played. If you tune down a half step and you play a G chord, it is really and F# chord. On the ukulele, you can just play F# in standard tuning, instead of tuning your uke down a half step to play a G chord in the right key.

    It just takes a little figuring out, but you can do it. The ukulele is easy enough to bar to make playing in any key easy without tuning or using a capo.

    Here is a link to the lesson I wrote earlier:

  5. UT

    8 Aug 2012 Administrator

    Thx for this BeZo

    Just to let you know, we will improve our 'lessons' pages very soon !

  6. One more question. What if i have a capo? Can I use it insted of converting tabs somehow?

  7. Tuned to GCEA, those are the lowest notes on your neck. A capo will take you UP but not DOWN. TECHNICALLY you could put the capo on the 11th fret, but at the point it would not be doing you any favors :P

  8. "richooo" One more question. What if i have a capo? Can I use it insted of converting tabs somehow?

    A lot of the stuff I have converted are songs that use a capo. Rather than putting a capo on the uke, I just play the chords that are produced by the capo. I don't think there is any reason to capo a ukulele. The uke is so easy to bar chords and play up the neck, that you shouldn't have to capo it to play anything. On a guitar, it's different. There are more strings, and chords are more complex on a guitar. On a ukulele, all your chords are just four strings. I haven't found anything yet that you can't play in standard tuning (excepts for maybe Nile or other bands that play metal in drop A).

  9. Yep, my brain hurts now.

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