Mandolin Conversion?

  1. 3 years ago

    I am wondering if anyone has ever given thought to playing the mandolin as a ukulele by changing the tuning to what would be low G, then change the D to a C and switch the A and E strings. MandoIin is tuned G, D A, E. I would imagine you could probably change the tuning of a ukulele to mandolin by reversing the process but you would have to learn new chords. What I am thinking is this would give you an eight string ukulele of sorts kind of like guitarists have twelve string instruments. I am not sure you can do the harmonic tuning like a twelve string but am wondering if you can and if it would be a good thing. Thoughts?

  2. JaxX

    20 May 2016 Moderator

    Never thought about that but you should probably restring your uke to try that.

    Depending on the type of ukulele G3 could be to low to sound good. Additionally it's E5 (659.25 Hz), not E4. Don't know if the neck can handle such a tension... or if a traditional uke string can (thinking about a Soprano here). Probably not.

    Not to mention the fact that it's not the same type of strings.

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