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  1. 3 years ago

    So I finally conquered the E chord with practice, hand and finger positioning. Now that I am able to listen to all four strings ringing clearly, I have decided I don't like the sound of it. I can see where once I practice chord changes to other chords with it that it has the distinct advantage of faster chord changes than the other E chord I was playing with the barred thumb and index finger. The trouble is the easier E although cumbersome for chord changes just plain sounds better...ugh. I want good sound AND fast chord changes.

  2. did you try all alternate positions?:

    You can listen to all chords by clicking on corresponding play button (below the chart)

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    Yes, I played them all and listened to them all and I still like the sound of the one that makes me look stupid when I play. I do like the one other alternate in certain situations where the higher tone sounds appropriate but it doesn't sound right with every song. Both of them sound better and brighter than the one that is normally shown.

  4. You could also try an E7 and mute the C string. It is much easier to change from that chord to others, but as bamboolele said, it does not sound right with every song

  5. Oh, I like that! :)

  6. JaxX

    15 Apr 2016 Moderator

    Alternatively you can play x442 if it makes things easier.
    I agree, the complicated position sounds better!

  7. ive been playing for almost 3 years now and i STILL get worked up over the E chord..... it's definitely my least favorite to play but i love the sound!

  8. I am purposely picking songs with E's to play. I am finding more time I spend on the harder notes it makes all the simple songs even easier.

  9. Great!

  10. I just transpose the entire song and get rid of the E all together. Yes, I do.
    I play guitar and the E Major sounds so good and is easy to play. Once I saw it on the uke, I said forgetaboutit and do the barre E.

  11. jamtheman12, what does it mean to "mute the C string?"

  12. MattT21, He means to hold the string but not firmly enough to get a ring. For instance bar any fret but rest your finger on the strings rather than holding them down. When you strum you hear an atonal click rather than a tone that might mess up the chord that was intended. Hope that helps. :)

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