1. 3 years ago


    I really hate to be a pest by bringing this up again but I have yet to ever be able to use auto-scroll. I honestly think it might be something I need to do on my computer settings since it has been reported by others and the bug appears to be fixed for them. I don't know what I need to do. I was at another site where you can launch a very similar auto-scroll feature and it does work for me. I just don't play guitar so it is of no use to me. This tells me that I am capable of having one work on my Chrome browser. I am running Windows 7 Professional if that matters. Could this be something as simple as a Java or Flashplayer update? do I need to clear my cache or something else? I have disabled my ad blocker and it makes no difference. I am at a loss and I really could benefit from auto-scroll. Thanks.

    It is now working again

  2. JaxX

    11 Mar 2016 Moderator

    I don't even see it on Chrome... (same config as you)
    but it works like a charm on FF.

  3. This is such a puzzle to me. :(

  4. Deleted 3 years ago by UT
  5. UT

    24 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Thanks for your feedback guys. We fixed this on our dev server, it will be pushed online next week.
    We had to create a new script from scratch, but results are excellent on all browsers. It's now moveable with a show/hide option on top of that!

  6. I guess I may have to try it on FireFox. Thanks.

  7. JaxX

    15 Apr 2016 Moderator

    We're still waiting... ;)

  8. It didn't work there either. I am completely clueless. Sorry, I kept you waiting.

  9. UT

    19 Apr 2016 Administrator

    Sorry, we did not push this update yet, UI is missing.

  10. It is working tonight for the first time! YaY!

  11. UT

    20 May 2016 Administrator

    Hum... good to know, but we did not update the script yet.

  12. Can i import dropbox to use this auto scroll feature?

  13. UT

    7 Sep 2016 Administrator

    what do you mean?

  14. I've been having the same issue. I tried using auto-scroll Chrome extensions (and HandsFread), which have worked on other sites, but not here.

  15. Auto scroll worked for me for the longest time but now quit working about a week or so ago. I did some Windows updates. I am still using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and Chrome for a browser.

  16. UT

    21 Nov 2016 Administrator

    that's strange, because we did not update the script for years. I'll PM you the link to our new script so you can try and tell us if it fixes everything.

  17. 2 years ago

    It is now working again

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