Damaged fingernail

  1. 4 years ago

    I started playing ukulele a month ago. I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong when strumming. My fingernail on the right hand got uneven (did not break, but became like this gradually). Would be okay, but it started hurting so much some days ago that I strum with another finger now.
    I play every day for 2 to 4 hours, so maybe this is the reason. Please guys, what is your advise?

  2. I have to say I've never heard of that happening, even among all of my friends that play ukulele. I play 2-4 hours a day as well and my fingernails have held up. I take hair skin and nail supplements though, so maybe start with that? I would buy some felt ukulele picks off of amazon too while you wait for your nail to heal. Good luck!

  3. the same thing happened to me! Mine isn't hurting though. I cut my nail to try to make it more even, but it's still uneven.

  4. Try a felt or leather pick and I think you'll do okay until the nail grows back.

  5. 3 years ago

    Same thing - taking Biotin to strengthent the nail per PA @'dermatologists office may take several months. Also putting finger in vinegar several times a day. Not better yet so using felt pick

  6. Have to report the above seems to be working for me, nice to have a fingernail again.

  7. 11 months ago

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