1. 5 years ago

    I'm an absolute beginner and heard a dastardly rumor that practicing scales can be of some value. Which scales/where to start?

    Is there a secret list of keys that can be played by an uke in order of popularity? Maybe a better question would be which keys are the songs I like played in? How do I determine that?

    If I come across a chord list for a song, is it any help? Especially If there are only two or three chords, those chords could be present in a number of keys, right? Which one is the song in?



  2. Good scales to start with:

    Pentatonic C Scale
    C Major Scale
    F Major Scale

    I'm just a beginner myself, so I'm just sharing what little knowledge I do have right now.

    You can look at the chord progressions on the chord sheet for the song and get a general idea of what key the song is in. For example a song in the key of C will usually have "C", "F", and "G" (or G7) as the main chords in the song. It's easier to determine the key from actual sheet music than from chord sheets. That involves learning a bit of music theory though.

    Here's a link to a great series on Music Theory on YouTube.

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