hard time singing and strumming at the same time

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    If you have and helpful tips and ideas. They are appreciated

  2. hi! that is tough though. i also find it hard doing both at the same time. well probably it's because i'm not a singer. but the only advice i could give is: feel the music, the rhythm, melody, beat and sing and just strum. it gets easier when you feel the music. practice would be the key to improve! don't give up!

  3. I have the same problem. I do okay if it is just a simple down strum, but if I try anything else I get confused.

  4. This sounds generic but really practice makes perfect. I sucked at playing and singing but after lots of practice and finding what works well with me I have gotten comfortable with it! Do a simple strum pattern and use comfortable chords at first. Good luck!

  5. Thqnk you for the advice. If you find anymore techniques let me know. Or email me at daquanog12@gmail.com

  6. I find it easier to put the elements together after practising them seperately for a while, especially if there's a complicated strumming pattern. I start by practicing the strumming pattern A LOT until I'm familiar with it. Don't know if it's some kind of "muscle memory" that sets in after some time but somehow the pattern gets easier to play without having to concentrate too much. In the beginning I don't worry about my left hand too much... I try to play the chords but focus mainly on the strumming.
    Once I'm doing ok with finger placement and strumming I start to hum along to the melody. That can be very distracting in the beginning...makes me mess up but practice makes perfect and humming doesn't take as much focus since you don't have to worry about the correct lyrics. Finally, I just start singing along when I feel more confident.
    [All of this sounds way more complicated than it actually is. ]

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    Certainly practice the two parts separately.

    I'm not sure I can explain this well, but I find that when I play and sing I need to not play and sing, but add the vocals as if they are another note in the chord I'm strumming. For me it clicked when I stopped trying to sing over what I was playing, but with what I was playing. Maybe someone else can better describe what I'm trying to say?

  8. the best thing you can do is to play a lot the different strumiming tipes...when you make it in an automatic way, then the singing becomes easier

    sorry for the bad inglish

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    check this: Singing and playing at the same time . It's been written for the guitar, but it's exactly the same thing with a ukulele ;)

  10. My friend, who taught me the ukulele, had me sing the strumming pattern as I was strumming. So saying down-down-up-up-down-up. It helped me memorize the pattern and learn how to sing and strum at the same time. Hope this helps :D

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  12. I can't seem to memorize either the singing or playing so I am very reliant on sheet music or the songbook feature. I need to get more comfortable with not looking at my left hand because that is how I lose my place. I also don't like my voice range very much because I am in the "Karen Carpenter" range. This makes it difficult to sing songs and like how my voice sounds. Consequently, I don't sing much at all even when I am not playing. I would like to sing and I can sing, just not the songs I want to sing. I would probably have to transpose every song in my songbook and I don't see where there is a setting to save what key you have transposed into.

  13. Once you transpose it stays that way in your songbook. At least that is how mine works.
    Keep practicing with singing and playing. It will get easier the more you do it.
    Check out YouTube videos and such. I am a former guitar player so that helped me.

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    @jeffj318 Once you transpose it stays that way in your songbook. At least that is how mine works.

    Hum... it's not supposed to work like that. But good idea.

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