Best Uke Related Advice

  1. 7 years ago

    Hey guys!

    What is the best uke related advice someone has given you? I thought it would be nice to share...

  2. Buy your first uke from a real shop that will check setup. The vast majority of queries I get thru my site are people with tuning, buzzing, intonation issues as they bought a uke from Amazon etc.

    You want you first uke to work - last thing a beginner needs when trying to learn is to have the extra hurdle of trying to fight with a badly setup uke.

  3. Here is a vid I made to share tips that have helped me. I have not been playing long but this advice from others has helped.

    You may notice that one piece of advice I share sounds kinda like what Baz just said. That might well be because he is one of the people that shared the advice with me when I began not too long ago.

  4. the best advice I've gotten was to PUT DOWN THE PICK! i taught myself guitar before uke, and it was awhile before i got comfortable without the pick. however, it sound so much nicer, and i can do much more without it.

  5. I don't know if this is really advice,
    but 7th String has a decent online tuner
    It is really sensitive, and isn't as good as a tuner you buy,
    but it will get the job done.

  6. Another great piece of advice - PLAY WITH OTHER PEOPLE

    Playing with others is without a doubt one of the best ways to improve. It's fun too!

  7. If you wanna be good at anything you have to
    Practice Practice Practice.. works with life too...


  8. Personally, from all the tons of info you find online when you're first starting the uke one of the best i've used id to taker the time to learn your fretboard. That has been indispensable in figuring out chords. And I actually know the guitar fretboard because lots of time my sister(who plays guitar) and I will be playing and she won't know the name of the chords she's playing but I can figure out how to play the chord on the uke just by knowing what notes make up her chord.

  9. If you really want to play Ukulele, don't buy a cheap, crappy one. I've found some dodgy Ukuleles where you can see light when you look at the fretboard side on.

  10. Only learn songs you enjoy. It'll make the practicing more enjoyable, and speed up the learning process because you're more emotionally involved

  11. I definitely find that to be true! Especially when it comes to making instrumentals of songs! Considering the amount of times you have to listen to the song to hear all the details, you def have to love it...

  12. When I started learning music I discovered that I reached a saturation point often. I think the best way to learn music is to learn as many aspects of it as possible. Learn notes on the fretboard; learn to read not just tab but old fashioned staff, too; learn chords, not just in the 1st position, but moveable chords all the way up the neck; learn keys and how chords are constructed; learn scales and modes; learn not just strums but full rhythms and how they work with drum and bass beats; learn to fingerpick both melodies but accompaniments as well...

    I know, this is all way too much to learn at once. But I found that if I tried to learn just one I would burn out... I would reach a plateau and not just fail to improve, but would lose ground at a certain point. So I would move on to a different thing, changing from melodies to chords, or from practice to theory... before you grow tired of a specific learning mode, move to another. I was soooooo driven to learn guitar, I would plunk on it 10, 12, 14, 16 hours a day... every day. I was driven to learn. I knew I'd never be the best, but I could be better. I cannot do this any more -- within months, it was too much with schoolwork and other important things (girls). But even if you practice just a few minutes each week, learn something new as you review what you know. Add not just to one area, but add a second area. Then, a third. Soon each practice will cause your mind and fingers to be filled with the joy of understanding.

    Good music to all.


    It's so rewarding to be able to play an instrument! Especially the uke! Just don't forget about it!

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