Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-40S

  1. 5 years ago

    I got this ukulele in the past Monday, and i was thinking if I should write a review about I or not, and here he goes.
    First of all it only costs 39 euros and it was a new arrive of the new line of ukuleles from the brand that thomann own, harley benton, they are made in China, they are cheap, so it was like a shoot in the dark because I don't have any review or youtube video to check, but i decide to buy it anyway.
    It is a pineapple soprano, Mahogany body (laminated) and neck, Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, 12 frets, dot inlays, natural matt finish.
    The first thing I notice is that after a week of travel the ukulele was tuned straight out of the box, the surprise, it came equipped with Aquila strings, something unusual in a ukulele in this range of price, set up was nice, no buzz, all the frets are perfect no sharp edges or any other defect, the intonation is also Ok. The construction is second thing I need to talk, no sign of glue and I always sniff and look inside all my instruments, the wood inside is as good looking as in the outside, all that pieces of wood that give streght to the body are smoth, clean and sanded.
    The sound is what I was looking for since my other soprano is a piece of garbage, in sound, construction and playability, my concert is electric so i was looking for some acousting sound and now I get it and a really nice one. I can have lucky to get one of that chinese ukuleles that are Ok for the other 10 or so that don't but, anyway this is a uke that is worth to give a try.
    And sorry for my bad english

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