Strumming Requests

  1. 5 years ago

    hi! so after checking our forum, found out that some were asking about strumming pattern for a particular song they wanna learn. since we only have tab requests, i decided to make this topic. here you could post some strumming pattern requests and eventually (i hope so) be replied by our community. i would gladly share some if i know the strumming pattern. so let's help one another guys! happy ukule-ling!

  2. I've been playing the uke for a couple months, but I think this is what I struggle with most...

    Do you know the strumming to Wanted by Hunter Hayes?

  3. heya! sorry for the late reply. well i've listened to the song and it's a bit slow beat i guess. so if i were to put the beat to strumming, i'll do it like this: [color=#FF00BF][size=150]Dx UUx[/size][/color] or [size=150][color=#8000BF]Dx D Ux[/color][/size]
    x = tap
    well in any way where you feel the beat.
    try to listen to the drum beats, and you'll get the proper pause and timing when you strum.
    hope this could help you

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