first song

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  2. last year

    Amnistía - Pxndx
    it's in spanish but it's awesome :3

  3. Like a few of the others here, my first song was Lava, from the pixar short. Honestly i started mentally learning it before i even had my ukulele. Lol

  4. I think it was “weaboo song” by filthy frank lololol

  5. Someone to Lava - Pixar

  6. "Let it be" by The Beatles !!

  7. Elephant Gun - Beirut

  8. Apple support played first time with the ukulele is the song called Hurt by Johny Cash. I have tried to play that and also got some chords perfectly.

  9. my mom learned Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's over the rainbow because my grandparents are huge hawaii fans. they've been seven times. i'm pretty sure that was the first one i learned too, but i taught myself how to play all in one night, two weeks before christmas, so i also learned all i want for christmas is you by mariah carey and a few Twenty One Pilots songs. right now i'm working on Hometown for a school project/performance.

  10. “Can’t Help Falling In Love”-twenty øne piløts version

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    House Of Gold - by Twenty one Pilots
    I still play it often today. It's a really good song!
    I love Twenty one Pilots

  12. @kiskat55 house of gold by twenty one pilots |-/

    same!!! l-/

  13. mine was trouble by nevershoutnever

  14. La Vie En Rose, Edith Piaf :)

  15. @avalon616 Somewhere over the Rainbow, yo

    Oh, I love that song!

  16. girls/girls/boys panic! at the disco

  17. I learned the main theme from Steven Universe :D

  18. @angiepan "Let it be" by The Beatles !!

    Yeah! Beatles song " Let It Be" Nice also!

  19. I learned "We Don't Believe What's On TV" by Twenty One Pilots. :)

  20. lol, nothing interesting "row, row, row your boat"
    but then I learnt "can't help falling in love"

  21. mine was this is home by cavetown

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