What instruments do you play aside from UKE?

  1. 6 years ago

    I just started playing uke, I'm actually a guitar player. And I got curious about ukes since they seem to be fun and interesting to play with.

  2. Just like you, dude, i use to play the acousticguitar and the melodica, and the uke just fit in my musical interests as well.. Though it's been only 4 months I've been playing it, but i feel i'm getting into the thing ^^ The tuning of strings scared me at first, but then i realized it was quite similar to the guitar.

  3. me too! it took me some quite time tuning my uke when i bought it since it was out of tune, and it was my first time to hand a uke. i really thought a four string instrument would be way easy to learn than a six string instrument. i mean switching from guitar to uke. but i'm actually still a beginner with ukes and so far i'm having fun with it!

  4. I play guitar, and I also picked up the banjo a couple years ago. I'm enjoying the ukulele because it's a lot easier to play it wherever I want without worrying that I won't have enough space to store it. I also like it because it is a relatively quiet instrument, especially when compared to the banjo, which means I can get away with playing it when other people are trying to sleep. There's no way I could do that with a banjo without waking everybody up.

  5. woah. so much talent there! yup, you got a point. ukes are very handy, small in size, light in weight, very easy to bring when you're going somewhere else. they're definitely quiet, cause the strings are made from nylon (just like mine, or I just got a cheaper one) and they are very intact from the nut to the saddle. but i find the strings easy to bend, but hard to ring

  6. I used to play guitar, then I switched to drums. And finally this cute little precious.

  7. looks like, there's alot of guitar players here switching to uke. well, i'm also interested with cajonmor violin, but i've never played one. probably i will, after i got so much of uke since i'm still a newbie

  8. I tried picking up the violin once. I couldn't get the bow to produce any pleasant noises, so I stopped.

  9. that's what scares me with the violin. you have to make the perfect strokes to get the rhythm right. and sometimes you have to break some strokes down. also, i think violins don't have frets

  10. They don't have frets. It just takes a little bit of practice to get used to positioning your fingers properly. I had a much harder time with the bow.

  11. well probably i just got used to playing instruments with frets that's why it kinda scares me. and yeah, maybe the bow thingy is the tricky one

  12. I play the flute, the acoustic and electric guitar, a little piano and I've had my uke over a year now, but haven't really had the time to play it much.

  13. looks like our ukes share the same age. i also got mine over a year now, yet i haven't had more time playing it. you're really in to music eh? i also wanna learn how to play the piano but i guess it's too huge to store, i'd be needing more space for that. on the other hand, that's the good thing about ukes you could just bring it anywhere you want. and i guess i get overwhelmed with the number of keys in piano.

  14. I play, acoustic and eletric guitar, bass and i also play percussion in s samba group

  15. 5 years ago

    The ukulele is my first instrument

  16. "MononokeHime" The ukulele is my first instrument

    well then welcome to the uke family! i'm still a newbie though

  17. "Nheks" I play, acoustic and eletric guitar, bass and i also play percussion in s samba group

    it's like a 9/10 survey here that uke players are also guitar players. it's a good combination though.

  18. Hi all, first post and first day as a neuker (new ukulele owner).

    Took uileann pipe lessons as a child, played guitar (badly) on and off for years , played bass as a kid (pretty well according to peer feedback), took bazouki lessons for a while (enjoyed playing, hated tuning), traded my bazouki in today for a concert uke.

    1st lesson tomorrow night but I've already used up 7.3 billion trees printing out uke tabs to songs & tunes (I think) I already know!!

    I don't read music. My younger sister was the family musician but she gave up violin very young as it seemed it posed her no challenges.

    Looking forward to swapping uke experiences.

  19. lol with neuker. you've gone a lot of instruments but you still don't read music sheets? well me either. okay let's look forward for your lesson!

  20. Drums, bass, bit of keyboards for me.

    PS: mathepac, I love your creativity for coming up with ''neuker". However, it's also Dutch for (starts with f, rhymes with pucker).
    I'm not offended, just thought you'd like to know...

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