What makes a good tutorial Video ?

  1. 6 years ago

    Having just gotten my first uke this past week, and being completely green to playing an instrument I would like to thank the kind folks who put videos up on you tube. I can learn something from all of them, particularly the ones who reminded me that a ukulele needs to be tuned out of the box, and often.

    All of the tutorial videos have their merits some are good, others are great for me. And in hopes of getting more great videos in the future, I thought I have a unique perspective on what makes a good tutorial so here are a few things that I found most helpful.

    1. Words like Beginner in the title as well as tutorial for basic tutorials.
    2. Those videos where I can see the cords in the song before I click on the link. Sometimes naming the cords at the beginning of the video helps, being able to see them before you click play is a big plus for me.
    3. More than just a little time on strumming instruction.

    4)Visual cues to show when to change cords. Also Audio cues to let the beginner know when a cord change is coming up. The pictures of the cords with finger positions are an A+.

    1. Taking time, but not being too wordy. The combination of following along and finding the most direct way of explaining is great. Going too slow can be a problem as can speaking too fast. There are some videos that have great production quality two cameras one showing the right hand on a split screen with the left hand. Others have green screen and multiple cameras. Many of these are good but ones sitting in a kitchen or outside are also good when outside distractions such as video clips and joking are not brought in. When we are learning hands on we can try to keep up and go back if we need to to some extent. But we don't want to end up jumping back too far either.
    2. Taking extra time for less common tidbits of information. ie There are several videos that talk about how to lift the finger up to make a less common sound. in Super Marion Brothers videos. But most of them glaze over what that means to a beginner.
    3. Using unplugged standard ukuleles . THe sound is not the really the most important feature I look for in a tutorial, and the sound in a tutorial isn't really a big deal, When I see someone with the same brand name and model I have I know if mine doesn't sound the same it is MY fault. Ukes that are plugged in have a different quality.

    Anyway, thanks again everyone !

    I also encourage anyone else who is new or learns from watching You Tube to post what was most helpful to them.

  2. 5 years ago

    great tips!

    I also prefer condensed edited videos! and by that I mean, having just the essentials in your video. I've seen many 9:00+ videos where the person is just rambling and rambling, making jokes and occasionally losing their thought. I'm always like, ''couldn't you have edited out all these pointless parts?"

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