Lost One's Weeping Uke乐谱通过 Vocaloid

5 在歌曲中使用的和弦 :

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Al06 avatar
For anyone that say it doesn't sound correct, try putting it in - 2.
23 May 2020
xsnail avatar
to those who dont think it seems right, you should most likely read the notes ABOVE the lines! there must have been a formatting issue with the author. im not sure if im just being dumb but that might be it!
21 Jul 2019
TenshiShimu avatar
This doesn't seem correct
18 Jul 2018
gravityy avatar
I play it with a capo on fret 2, and i think it sounds more accurate
23 Jun 2018
Gumo_Artz avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (England)
This doesn't seem right at all...
25 Jan 2018