Hey Soul Sister (easy) Uke乐谱通过 Train

4 在歌曲中使用的和弦: C, G, Am, F



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(C C)    
Hey(G G) , hey(Am Am), hey (F F)

(C C)Your lipstick stains
(G G)On the front lobe of my
(Am Am)Left-side brains
(F F)I knew I wouldn't (C C)forget you
(G G)And so I went and let you
(Am Am)Blow my mind (F F)

(C C)Your sweet moonbeam
(G G)The smell of you in every
(Am Am) Single dream I dream
(F F)I knew when we (C C)collided
You're the one I have (G G)decided
Who's one of my kind(Am Am) (F F)

(F F)Hey soul sister
(G G)Ain't that mister (C C)mister
(F F)On the radio, stereo
(G G)The way you move ain't (C C)fair, you know
(F F)Hey soul sister
(G G)I don't wanna miss
A A single (F F)thing you (G G)do
(C C)Tonight

(G G) (Am Am) (F F)

(C C)The way you can cut a rug
(G G)Watching you is the only drug I (Am Am)need
So gangster, I'm so thug
You're the (F F)only one I'm dreaming of

You see,(C C) I can be myself now final(G G)ly
In fact there's nothing I can't (Am Am)be
I want the world to see you'll (F F)be with (G G)me


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