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| E chordE | D chordD | E chordE | E chordE | x4

Verse 1:
|E |E |A |A
Old lion's dyin got left behind
|E |E
Cut your teeth lose your meat
|A |A
And man it's just a matter of time
|E |E |A |A
Key's to the cuffs you might be king
|B |B |B |B
That's it that's all that's everything

Verse 2:
Skeletons come here to dance
Where barrooms beat their brothers
Into a bloody trance
What's the deal What did I do
Who cops all the cops is all I asked of you

|E |D |E |E
Lining up waiting on the trickle down
|E |D |E |E
Somethings up taking time to get around
|E |D |A |A
Belly up all the drinks are on the Crown
|A |A |E |E
It's just a matter of a trickle down

Verse 3:
Twenty miles before the crash
That's the style for a while
And man I think it's gonna last
Hit the brakes is all you can say
Conductor says we'll save them for another rainy day


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