9mm And A Three Piece Suit Uke乐谱通过 Streetlight Manifesto

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I submitted a cover of this song so please take a peek
in the video I start of saying it's Keasbey Nights Ignore that I was tired XD

In anycase chords are easy enough

Open chords style:
A chordA-G chordG-D chordD-D chordD for verses
A chordA-D chordD-B chordB-E chordE for Chorus

Well I

A chordA
Know I shouldn't

G chordG
Care But I

D chordD
Do and I don't and I

A chordA
Always crack a

G chordG
Smile when I

D chordD
see your punk rock close

ect ect this chord progression goes on for all verses and horn parts


A chordA
Steve took three or four

D chordD
Heather took more

B chordB
they lit a cigarette now they're

E chordE
Walking out the door

A chordA
With a semi automatic

D chordD
and a ski mask on

B chordB
They looked at one another

E chordE
and said to themselves what fun


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