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I know it's a Catch song but it was also on the Keasby Nights
Album covered by Streetlight Either way it's Toh Kay's work so here
It is

Verses/ Main chord progression: C chordC-C chordC-Am chordAm-Am chordAm-F chordF-F chordF-G chordG-G chordG
opening Chord progression: C chordC-C chordC-C chordC-G chordG-Am chordAm-Am chordAm-Am chordAm-G chordG-F chordF-F chordF-F chordF-C chordC-G chordG-G chordG-G chordG-G chordG

C chordC
You You try you try to get

G chordG

Am chordAm
Your never gunna pull it off you shouldn't even try

G chordG
You're a

F chordF
Wet Cigarette You're always second Best

C chordC

G chordG
They're never gunna give a shit about anybody but themselves

C chordC
So you try

ect ect
When the Song speeds up use only two measures of each chord and cut out those hanging extra chords that lead to each other
Hard to explain I know
If it makes it easier for you you can just leave out those extra chords at the end
of each progression in the beginning

Enjoy message me if you need help


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