Protect And Survive Uke乐谱通过 Runrig

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G chordG D chordD
The red hot sun burns up the hill
emD chordD
The winter's bride the summer's king
em C chordC
I tramp these acres and I feel
am D chordD
Once upon a time

G chordGD chordD
And then it seemed that everything
emD chordD
You saw and touched and felt was real
em C chordC
You turned the tap and you turned the wheel
am D chordD
Breathing free

Now you search the open evening sky
Trace the memory in your eyes
For the prophet's hard rain and the deluge
Lie in tears around your door
Once there were trees and livestock here
A chordA mother's love the warnings clear
But you chose to turn away from fear
Breathing free

Now there's a faceless cross on a distant hill
A chordA wasted voice a silent scream
Where the lovers love and the dreamers dream
You stand and dream alone
You took your sacrifice to the gods of war
Traded your children's lives for a mess of gold
And you beat your ploughshares into swords
Breathing free

D chordD G chordG
Once in a lifetime
C chordC
You live and love
G chordG
Once in a lifetime
D chordD
You die

G chordG
Once in a moment
C chordC
The sun goes down

em D chordD em D chordD
Prot-ect a-nd sur-vi - ve
em D chordD em D chordD G chordG
Prot-ect a-nd sur-vi - ve


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