It Is Not Because You Are Uke乐谱通过 Renaud

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F chordF Dm chordDm
When I have rencontred you
Bb chordBb C chordC
You was a jeune fille au pair
F chordF Dm chordDm
And I put a spell on you
Gm chordGm C chordC
And you roule a pelle to me

F chordF Dm chordDm
Together we go partout
Bb chordBb C chordC
On my mob it was supeeeeer
F chordF Dm chordDm
It was friday on my mind
Gm chordGm C chordC
It was a story d'amou-our

Refrain :
F chordF Dm chordDm
It is not because you a-are
Gm chordGm C chordC
I love you because i do
F chordF Dm chordDm
C'est pas parc'que you are me
Gm chordGm C chordC
Qu' I am you qu'I am you

You was really beautiful
In the middle of the foule
Don't let me misunderstood
Don't let me sinon i boude

My loving my marshmallow
You are belle and i are beau
You give me all what you have
I said thank you you are bien brave


musical bridge memes accords

I wanted marry with you
And make love very beaucoup
To have a max of children
Just like Stone and Charden

But one day that must arrive
Together we disputed
For a stupid story of fric
We decide to divorced


You chialed comme une mad'leine
Not me I have ma dignit


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