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Intro: (Bm chordBm, D chordD, Bm chordBm, D chordD, Ebm chordEbm, D chordD, Ebm chordEbm, D chordD, Bm chordBm, A chordA)x2 # Strum Pattern: Down, Up, Up, Down, Down (the last two chords for the intro change really fast. here's what i do Bm chordBm:D chordD,U,D chordD,U A chordA:D chordD,U) # Verse and Pre-Chorus: Bm chordBm, Ebm chordEbm, G chordG, A chordA # Chorus: (same as intro) # well thats basically the whole song but I haven't figured some of the more fancy specific changes. listen to the song listen to other ukulele versions and make up your own. i didn't bother to learn EVERYTHING because nobody at my school really knows what song im playing.


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this is really good (:
14 Jul 2011
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it kinda sucks tho
22 Jun 2011